Professing Your Faith Class – Baptism

Following Jesus has never been an isolated project – it always involves a community. Jesus picked a group of disciples. Paul called the gathering of believers the body of Christ. The very first followers of Jesus expressed their new identity and commitment to the community through baptism. In fact, even Jesus himself was baptized! At City of Grace, many of our attenders also commit to this local community through formal membership.


Through a water baptism, Christians signal our union with Christ and participation in His worldwide, universal church.  At City of Grace we baptize both adults and infants during Sunday worship services.

To learn more, attend an Infant Baptism or Professing Your Faith class (see below). These periodic gatherings provide a chance to discuss baptism and church membership with pastors and elders.



  • Part of maturing as a follower of Jesus involves being baptized, or renewing your baptismal vows if you have already been baptized as a child.
  • Our Professing Your Faith Class is a great way for young believers and children who grew up in the church to understand their faith and prepare for full participation in the church. For some this will culminate in being baptized for the first time,
  • At City of Grace we invite all baptized believers to celebrate communion each Sunday morning. Attending the Professing Your Faith class will lead to participating at the Lord’s Table for the first time.
  • After the gathering, an elder will schedule a personal appointment with you before scheduling you for a baptism or announcing your table fellowship to the church.

Professing Your Faith Class:  Join us on Saturday, Oct. 14th for a morning class at 9:00 am* that will take a look at relevant faith practices that will encourage those in our congregation to affirm their faith with public baptism, sharing their love of and commitment to Jesus with our community of believers in Christ.

Breakfast snacks will be provided.   Click HERE to sign up.

*Class location to be determined



Beginning with the first-generation church led by Peter and Paul, new believers and their entire households would be baptized as a sign of their commitment to Christ and membership in this new community (Acts 10, 16). City of Grace celebrates the historic practice of infant baptism as a sign of God’s grace to each child born into the church and as an act of faith in God’s grace to save.

Family Baptism Class: Families with children that want to be baptized should join us on Oct. 21st for a morning class at 9:00 am** as we take a look at the affirmation of faith step you are taking.

Breakfast snacks will be provided.  Childcare will be available for infants and toddlers.   Click HERE to sign up.

**Class will be held at City of Grace Church (2958 59th Street, Sacramento, CA)



Through formal membership, regular  attendees commit to the vision and mission of the church. Members help elect church leaders, known as elders and deacons. Members also have a responsibility to serve City of Grace and care for it’s community. Some leadership roles require church membership.

Membership Orientation 101 Class: Those who want to learn more about what we believe, and why we do church the way we do, then our Orientation 101 Class is for you.  We offer this class quarterly.

To find out when the next class will be offered contact .