Broken Prayers

God’s goal in affliction is to awaken. Trials are a necessary part of life. Sometimes they come as a result of our own doing. And sometimes, it may be due to something outside of us. But either way, they have a way of crashing our life when we least expect it.

Trials reveal a lot about us. It exposes our brokenness and helplessness. It teaches us humility. And more often than not, God does not change the circumstances or those situations we find ourselves, but always through it, He changes us. God does not always lift people out of their station, He Himself comes into it. He does not pluck them out of the darkness. He becomes the light in the darkness.  

As mentioned, the story of Jonah is a story of God’s sovereignty. It’s about God’s presence with us in our darkest moments. The story of Jonah is about the goodness of God even when we are at our worst. When our prayers are broken and when those prayers arise because there’s no other way and has become our last resort, even then, God hears our prayers.

Come and encounter Christ as we look at the book of Jonah this Sunday as Pastor Daniel preaches on Broken Prayers – Jonah 2:1-9

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